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World's Finest Chocolate Fundraising is proud to present...

Joe Holiday's Reading Rocks Magic Show is  a unique blend of stage magic, comedy, music and audience participation that showcases both classic and popular children's books.  

A brief description of each story or series of books is delivered and followed by a specially chosen magic effect incorporating the theme or characters.  This brings the books to life and get your students excited about reading. Each performance showcases several different books across multiple reading levels for all elementary and middle school readers.


Reading Rocks is completely self-contained. You only have to provide a space to perform and and your students!


Perfect to kick off your next book fair, as a reward for your next reading incentive program or simply just A GREAT ASSEMBLY PROGRAM!


to schedule this program at your school contact:

Dominic Venuto Jr.

Phone:  856-237-4623 

or email 

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